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Thermomix cookery demo at Middleton Cheney

Would-be Thermomix magicians – a cookery course is on the horizon that will have you whipping out your wand to amaze and impress both you and your friends

The Thermomix is just one of those cook at home products that you buy with the greatest intentions of using week in, week out, but inevitably ends up in its box in a cupboard until you feel the need to impress upon someone the fact that

1. you own one, and

2. you know how to use it.

Contrary to this belief, those who have learnt to cook using this machine swear by it and those who don’t prefer it where it is, skulking next to the vegetable microwave steamer underneath your worktop.

But fear not, you would-be Thermomix magicians – a cookery course is on the horizon that will have you whipping out your wand at the drop of a witches hat to amaze, astound and impress your friends. And what’s more, it can actually make your life easier and healthier, too.

At the Pudding Pie cookery school on Weds 28th March there is a FREE demonstration of what the Thermomix can do for you in your kitchen, whilst freeing your time to get on with your life. The cookery course begins at 6.30pm on the dot and runs until 9pm, with free parking and refreshments laid on, to boot.

There is, if you’re either shy or want to take your cooking to the next level with this appliance, a chance to book a private cookery class behind closed doors and away from prying eyes. Don’t want the competition or guests to know your secret, right? You can book the private cookery class on site.

But that’s not all the Pudding Pie cookery school is all about, no!

In the late eighties and nineties we saw the popularity of outdoor pursuits for the purpose of corporate team building eclipse all other manner of company strategy for encouraging communication between staff on similar levels across an organisation.

Whether it’s health and safety or people just don’t want to give up their weekend for three days of getting stomped on and covered in mud in a valley in South Wales, who knows, but cookery courses seem to be the en vogue method adopted by management strategists to break down inter-company barriers, replacing rope bridges and DIY role-play stretchers (yep, been there!). At Pudding Pie Cookery School they have a whole host of flexible cooking classes that the employee with the (somewhat dubious) responsibility of organising the next corporate event can tailor to bring their colleagues together.

From Team Building events to simply hosting a meeting room with accompanying buffet, the culinary experts can accommodate your corporate requirement.

These are simply two niches that the Pudding Pie Cookery School cater for – there are many more on their site, from chalet maid classes, to hosting parties for the gent about to tie the knot with a Bachelor/Stag Cookery party – let’s hope the two don’t fall on the same evening; could get messy! – and the more standard fare of classes and demos you’d expect when enrolling on a cookery course.

There are still spaces available for the Thermomix cooking class, which you can book on site; the location is the Pudding Pie Cookery School in Middleton Cheney.