Study reveals many people start a new diet every month

According a recent study of two thousand consumers, twenty two per cent of the adult population in the UK begin a new diet every month with more than a third choosing low calorie items during their weekly shop.

The study by Seven Seas, also found that forty three per cent of women regularly buy low calorie items despite the fact that two thirds believe that the pressure to lose weight is too much.

Fifty per cent of mothers questioned confirmed that their food purchases are often influenced by the wishes of their children whilst thirty per cent admitted to using unhealthy food to reward their children for good behaviour.

Around sixty per cent of those questioned claimed to eat the recommended number of five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, suggesting that forty per cent miss out.

These proportions vary significantly for the consumer age groups. Around seventy five per cent of people aged over sixty five consume the recommended number of portions whilst this figure drops to twenty five per cent for those between sixteen and twenty four.

Overall seventy per cent of people confirmed that they would really like to improve their diet but many claimed that they don’t have the time.

The study also found that many people believe that there are too many conflicting messages concerning which types of food are healthy. Experts are concerned that whilst people are be dieting they may not be eating healthily.

A nutritionist who worked on the report explained that whilst television schedules and magazines are full of food, recipes and celebrity chefs, our diets are losing balance and this is a real concern.

Whilst it’s important to understand the intake of calories, this mustn’t interfere with eating a varied and balanced diet, which is rich in minerals, vitamins and key fatty acids.

Cookery schools thoughout the UK  offer a range healthy cookery courses aimed at helping students improve their diet.