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Ontario cookery school fan club for the Great British menu

In recent times, it seems that all we Brits have wanted to do is to learn to cook like another nations. Whether it be picking up renowned cookery tips from our near neighbours in France, Italy or Spain or traversing all the way around the world to learn to cook Asian food, from Sushi to Tandoori or Thai to Malaysian – anything, it seems, to escape our own unpalatable fare.

Unless, that is, we travel out into Green Belt land, where there are cooking courses a-plenty delving back to our culinary roots, foraging for vegetables, herbs and spices, poaching game from the manor estate land or, as is the en vogue menu, sourcing locally-grown ingredients. Good luck if you live on The Thames (jellied eels is definitely a southern delicacy).

However, we may have been doing ourselves an injustice; it seems that there is an appreciation society for the Great British menu beyond our shores, after all. The Waring House Cookery School (alright, you have to go to Picton, Ontario to find this cookery course) are holding a Modern British cooking class this coming Sunday in the second of their Around the World series. Yep, it’s true. For a mere snip at $80, there are three whole hours dedicated to the resurgence of the Great British menu. It will look at our classics and the influences from Italy and India that dominate our restaurants our take-away outlets (just look to your letterbox for verification of that statement).

It seems a bit of a hike for anyone from the UK to go, but there is the Waring House Inn available for an overnight stay, located in Prince Edward County central, if one cares to uphold their patronage and pop along. And although it is part of the ongoing global cookery course running by the school, it is a stand-alone cooking class in its own rite, so if you’ve missed part one, it doesn’t inhibit you from attending this lesson in the best of British cuisine.

The UK menu aside, The Waring House Cookery School certainly emphasises fun to run alongside it cookery classes, which run practically every Thursday and Sunday, keeping the Ontario masses on their culinary toes. And I mean that – if there was anywhere in the world that has encompassed the Internet, it is this Canadian state – I defy anyone to browse the web and not bump into someone from Ontario!

I was going to stick an additional note about appropriate food to suggest, but Wikipedia have a great article on British Cuisine which wraps it up in a nutshell. No mention of The Black Country classics ‘gray pays wi’ ber-kun bits’ or ‘faggits n mushy pays’ – wonder why…?