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Countdown on for entry into this year’s Chef of the Future

The Cordon Vert cookery school enters its thirtieth year, this year, since its inception back in 1982. Promoting vegetarian meals as a staple inclusive in any main pub or restaurant menu is one of the key drivers behind their raison d’etre and, for any like-minded budding chefs, they have a whole host of vegetarian cookery courses on site to choose from.

Not only does the cookery school offer a versatile range of cookery classes, from general workshops to cookery courses for young people, but they also offer a nationally recognised diploma, which incorporates many aspects of the professional chef’s trade and is designed, in its intensity, to bring anyone needing a vegetarian cooking qualification up to speed in a very short space of time.

It is this diploma that is part of the prize on offer as part of the competition for their annual ‘Chef of the Future 2012’ competition, welcome to vegetarian and meat-cooking chefs alike, however the menu for judging will be an entirely vegetarian or vegan three-course affair, which should be able to be cooked in a live cook-off environment, to be held in Cheshire at the Vegetarian Society HQ, w/c May 8th.

The judging panel, who it will ultimately be the ones to please with the menu, have now been announced. Cordon Vert Cookery School’s Alex Connell is this year joined by three instantly recognisable names in the field of vegetarian cooking, namely Jane Hughes, The Vegetarian magazine editor, Damien Davenport, Manchester’s Bistro 1847 vegetarian eatery director and one import from ‘the outside world’, Mike Haddow, who is the group executive chef from Thwaites Inns of Character and Shire Hotels.

As an extra sign of recognition for the eventual winner of this year’s contest, Damien will run the victorious three course offering as a special at Bistro 1847, alongside his already renowned menu.

Completing the prize on offer for this year’s competition, on top of the Bistro 1847 Special and £1,500’s worth of Cordon Vert Professional Diploma Cookery Course, the winner of 2012 Chef of the Future will also take away a complete set of cooking whites, which will have specifically tailored embroidery recognising the achievement and a bottle of champers. And, of course, the prestigious title.

So if you fancy being in with a chance to hone your art of vegetarian cooking through a foundation cookery course of national recognition, which not only highlights the range of ingredients and techniques used by professional vegetarian chefs but also goes on to cover nutritional aspects, avoidance of common pitfalls, menu planning and dietary restrictions, download an application form off Cordon Vert’s website and have it back before April 2nd to be in with a chance of the diploma and a shot at the title!