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They don’t teach this on Daily Cooks Challenge

Anthony Worrall Thompson, one of the most renowned TV chefs who puts his peers through trials and tribulations using chosen ingredients and “4 items from [his] very own store cupboard” on the TV cookery show Daily Cook’s Challenge has given us a clue as to where the ingredients come from.

According to recent reports, the top chef has been caught on camera shoplifting wine and cheese from a Tesco store in Henley-on-Thames.  Perhaps his new catchphrase for the ‘store cupboard’ star challenge ought to be “Every little bit helps”; it’s no wonder he lets the celebrity chefs use the ingredients for free.

I can just imagine the stick he’ll get from contestants John Burton Race and Gino D’Acampo when and if they film the next series. Perhaps the celebrity guests ought to be bringing in all of the ingredients, not just the star food pick, to help the cook out for the new cookery demonstration series. If ever one of them brings their food of choice to the show in one of those famous blue and white striped bags…

Troubled times for the MasterClass Chef

This is another blight on the chef’s reputation who, in 2009, had no choice other than to close several of his branded eateries as the recession bit and the restaurants were subsequently handed over to the administrators.

This is, allegedly, not the first time the chef has attempted the scan scam. On five previous occasions, staff at the store have monitored AWT on the closed circuit system taking a handful of none-expensive articles to the self-service checkouts but only passing a select few of the items through the scanner. The rest of the ingredient list has found its way into the shopping bag without being scanned.

The police were called as the 60 year old, who as only been issued with a caution on this occasion by Thames Valley Police, was stopped by guards as he tried to leave the store on the Reading Road last Friday, the 6th January.

A spokesman for TVP confirmed that a 60 year old man who’d given his address as High Wycombe had been arrested and subsequently issued with a formal caution in relation to the offences.

Maybe the hit ITV show’s next series will be called Daily Crook’s Challenge, instead…