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Have you got what it takes to teach cookery courses?

Never let it be said that we here at don’t bring you a bit of everything from around the kitchens of the UK. Today, we venture into something new – not that we’re going to make a habit of this, but it may appeal to some of our readership – and that is a cookery school job in the offing!

That’s right. The guys and gals down at Ashburton Cookery School are looking for a chef to work five days per week in their ‘teaching kitchen environment’. Wow, what an opportunity! For those of you who read our regular cookery course posts and have often thought in the past: “Huh, I can do better than that!”, well, here’s your chance to prove it.

Okay, the fact that I don’t even know how to make a Black Forest Ice Cream sort of puts me out of the running, but I’m darned sure some of you out there could make a go of it. I’ll not announce the details of the job, because we have nought to do wi’it, really, but I will provide a link to this fantastic cookery course chef opportunity at the bottom of the article.

The Ashburton Cookery School is located in Devon, TQ13 – if that wasn’t enough on its own to tempt an experienced chef from the Midlands, say, to pack up their condiments, certificates and implements and head of down towards the English Riviera, I don’t know what is – and, as well as teaching chefs how to teach others to cook in twelve-eighteen months time, there is an intense cookery course of your own to go through before you reach that lofty accolade.

The job sounds challenging, as well as exciting. Accepting that you have an inherent knowledge of the commercial kitchen, which is the first necessity of the job, you’d then be expected to organise your own timetable to assist the other chefs, all the while picking up your own tips and developing your own technique to enable you to devise cookery courses for up to sixteen pupils at a time, deliverable at some point between Spring and Autumn 2013.

With regards to suitability for the role, an ability to work under your own steam, utilising past experience to drive initiative is another ‘must have’, given the fast pace and challenging nature of the role and its environment, should you be successful. Ideally, coming from a strong catering background and with recognised Sous/Junior Sous experience/qualification, the candidate should be open minded and up for fresh challenges.

For more details about the job, including salary, hours and more specific cookery school location details, check out the ad at: Good luck, don’t hang around and do let us know how you get on!