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Telegraph cooking course in London – £36! But be quick.

Have you ever wanted to sample a cookery course but never quite been able to justify the sometimes eye-watering prices for an art you may be a total failure at? Well now you can get a whopping 54% off an evening cookery class in conjunction with the Open Kitchen and The Telegraph at Hoxton, in London – making this an ideal sampler for those exotic tastes you thought learning to cook would be forever beyond your budget.

However, you’ll have to act quickly for this one-time only offer from the newspaper; although the class-dates run from February 16th right up until mid-May, the special price is only available for a very limited time and subject to demand.

If you’ve ever wondered just what Irie Caribbean’s all about, or how the Japanese and Thai peoples get their foods so fresh-tasting or you just wanted to be reminded of those lazy days spent around The Med or far-flung adventures in South Africa by the food you prepare, you can choose from anyone of those native menus at this part demo/part hands-on two-hour introduction cookery school.

Not only will you have the benefit of the experience of one of the Open Kitchen’s skilled, professional chefs as an endearing memory of the evening, but you can also keep the apron with which you’ll be provided as well as the recipe card for your chosen cookery class .

The classes, run at the Open Kitchen, 40 Hoxton Street, London, are not aimed at any particular level of culinary expertise, but suitable for all. Yes, they are meant to be informative, but there is also a big dollop of fun involved, too.

The welcome pack you receive on arrival contains all of the evenings ingredients, the afore-mentioned apron and a complete itinerary of what the cooking course entails. It kicks off dead on 7pm, but you are welcome to arrive early for a local beer or English wine.  The focus, as with The Great British Menu with which you may have already associated the ‘Open Kitchen’ name, is proud of locally foraged ingredients and likes to uphold the traditions from the days when Britannia ruled the kitchen!

During the two hour stint, you will learn to prepare your two-course meal in the chosen discipline, watch the professional chef do it properly and then it’s your turn to follow in their footsteps whilst at your very own work station. From Japanese teriyaki to a cookery lesson in Thai vegetables, herbs and spices, from a complete cruise around all-ports in The Med to the other end of Africa with an Angolan treat or a Caribbean Jerk special, the cookery courses really do take you on a trip around the world’s taste buds.

There is a bit of fine print to read as well as details and timetables of cooking courses and how you book and claim your ticket, as well as a little more about the Open Kitchen, whose site you will need to visit to finalise your booking. To get this information on the Telegraph’s pages, click here […] – enjoy!

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Global cookery courses for all budding chefs at Bridge 67

We return to Leicester for one last time as we break down the cooking courses on offer at Bridge 67 Cookery School.

The Family Cook Day is a great way to introduce your children to the kitchen. Not only what goes into making the meals but also will teach them from an early age the valuable safety lessons to avoid the dangers inherent to cooking that remain the main cause of accidents in the home. For a very reasonable £75, one adult and one child can learn to cook a starter, a main course, a dessert and a cake, which can then be taken home to show off to the rest of the family the toil you’ve put in during the day. Extra child places are optional for a surplus fee of £25.

For a trip to the Mediterranean to remind you of those sunny days on the Costa or the lazy days on the Riviera, Bridge 67 also offer cooking courses from Spain and Italy. The Spanish course uses the rich, fresh flavours inherent of the country to prepare colourful and bold, yet simple, recipes. And specialty Firenze cooking with Lino Poli, the Michelin-toured chef whose trips around Europe to gain the kudos he richly deserves are infused in his unique style and menu, which pay homage to the rich heritage any chef who learnt their trade in San Pellegrino would do to the Italian staples.

If it’s a taste of The East that tantalises your taste buds, you’re not going to be disappointed, as there are cookery courses in both Indian and Thai. The Cook up a Curry cooking class incorporates everything from your samosas, rices, naans and, of course, a couple of strengths in curry, too. For a taste of Thailand, the lesson incorporates your tempura, noodle dishes, two curries (one green, obviously) and starters and sauces so you can impress one and all with the complete Thai meal.

Baking is covered in a multitude of cooking courses, as you would expect from a cookery school whose roots are firmly based in the farmhouse heritage of the Leicestershire countryside. From basic bread to patisseries, cakes to baking with allergies and even a cookery class dedicated to cake decorating, you’ll be opening your own bakery in no time.

There is plenty more to discover at Bridge 67 Cookery School, with menus for men and those who wish to bring the treasures of the deep to the table in a fish cookery course, covering both the salt- and fresh-water variety.

There is a complete timetable on site, covering almost every weekend of the year, right up to the second Saturday in December (in 2012). For any of you who can’t make Leicester, choose your cookery course from those we have on offer online at

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More than Basil in this Thai cookery course

If you ever find yourself in Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai District (easy for you to say) in North West Thailand and fancy learning to cook like the locals, then Basil Cookery School is ready and waiting for you six days a week, mornings or evenings, for a four and half hour sortee into every component that makes up your traditional Thai meal.

With a deep commitment to deliver an enjoyable cookery school experience for one of the most popular styles of menu on the globe, the Basil Cookery School have done everything to simplify the process, as you get to do all of the cooking for seven – yep, 7 – different courses. They’ll even pick you up from and drop you back to your accomodation, providing you’re staying within the district of Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai.

There may be many happy memories you bring back with you from Thailand, but this is something very practical you can practise time and again when you get back home. Never remembered anything like that you’ve done before? Don’t worry – for the cookery class price of 1,000 BHAT you get the entire colour Basil recipe book to bring home with you!

Thai food is one of the most healthy of the popular food-styles and you get to choose one from three possible options for the six available courses, plus how to make your own curry paste. The six cooking courses consist of Noodles, Curry, Soup, Stir-fry, Starters, Desserts and then the all-important Pastes.

What sets this cooking school apart is that, whether you opt for the morning 09:00 to 13:30 class or evening 16:00 – 20:30 lesson, numbers are limited to a minimum of one to a maximum if seven people, so you are always guaranteed help close to hand, although the recipes are simplified to be able to easily recreate when you get back home to the UK.

They have the passion and knowhow and are just dying to share that experience in their ‘clean and clear’ kitchens, top-end implements and using only fresh, locally-produced products. All ingredients are grown within the district, bought from the local market and you will learn all about the parts the herbs, spices and vegetables play in delivering that undeniable Thai taste, in the palm of your hands forever once you attend this unique cooking class.