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Adelaide press join forces in February with cookery courses

Australia – the home of barbequed shrimp, amber nectar and patisserie chefs?

Yes, you read that right. The Advertiser and Sunday Mail regularly run a hugely discounted taste of the best grub from down under series with a Mini Cookbook Collection available to its readership through token collection.  The final $2 price tag is all they pay per 20-recipe book over the counter at participating news outlets around the city with the first installment totally free and gratis.

The cook book collection this time around features some 200 recipes contributed by Australia’s top chefs, including Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris, in a 10-book collection available daily from February 4th-13th inclusive.

One interior designer has become so besotted with cooking that she has given up her well-remunerated career to indulge in the art after attending a basic cookery course at Regency TAFE (Training and Further Education). There are a whole host of cookery classes offered at this level across Western and Southern Australia, which, once passed, will qualify the student to cook at commercial level within the industry.

For thirty year old April Olores, however, it has become much more than just a vocational cooking course – surrending her career to further herself as a chef is testament to that.

In a recent interview in the Adelaide News headlining the promotion of this month’s Mini Cook Book series Ms Olores explains how she plans to quickly develop her career further.

In her current role, working at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, she admits that the prep and serving of desserts for the functions and events they host is her absolute favourite aspect of her new career choice. Hence the desire to teach others the delicacies of patisserie cooking in the future.

Although it has always been her dream to be a professional cook, it is programs like Australian Masterchef that hit UK screens recently and the My Kitchen Rules series that have been her aspiration and inspiration to go live that dream.

As with all experts in the cullinary arts, as much as Ms Olores professes to enjoy food, from the sourcing of ingredients through their preparation and the actual cooking and serving, it is the satisfaction she derives from actually seeing her customers eat the food that she is passionate about that makes it all worth while.

If you’re itching to head down the cullinary road but are not quite ready to pack the full time job in just yet to follow your dream, check out our selection of cookery courses to see which one you’re sweet on.