Cookery Course News

Cooking Courses Help Young People Reduce Waste

A new initiative featuring cookery courses has been launched in Loughborough to teach young people to cook great dishes using leftover food.

Sausage risotto, spaghetti bolognaise and pizzas are just a few of the meals that have been prepared by members of DC’s Youth Club as part of the project.

The project has been established by the Leicestershire Waste Partnership to help members of the local community establish cooking courses and promote the key messages of saving money and preventing food waste.

Barbara Walker, a local youth worker explained that the four week cookery course has been a really positive experience and everyone has really enjoyed making new dishes and sampling new foods. She commented that the training pack provided as part of the project was really easy to use.

A spokesman for the Leicestershire Waste Partnership explained that by participating in the sessionsthese youngsters have not just learnt important skills and produced tasty dishes, they are also now more aware of the way in which reducing waste can help to save money. Most people will be surprised how much money is wasted every year as a result of throwing away leftover food which could be eaten.

The project follows a number of successful cookery courses that were held last year by the partnership and the County Council as part of the Love Food Hate Waste promotion.

During these courses, over one hundred people learnt how to cook using leftover food. As a result they were able to save up to fifty pounds per month.

Anybody who is interested in delivering a cookery course in their community should contact [email protected] to receive training pack. Participants can receive assistance from the partnership in the form of cookery equipment, giveaways and general support.