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Cookery school lifts the lid on the restaurant trade

Many people dream of running their own restaurant, but with almost 70% of such businesses failing within the first 3 years, the reality can be somewhat different.

In an effort to ensure that would-be restaurateurs have the full facts before taking the plunge, The Richard Hughes Cookery School has launched a course aimed at those planning to open their own restaurant.

The course, which began last in June, includes subjects such as marketing, menu planning, service, sourcing suppliers and staffing. There is also be the opportunity to meet with other successful business people. The cookery course should appeal to those that are thinking about a change of career as well as those who think that their current business could be improved.

With over 30 years of experience Richard Hughes, is well placed to help others make to a success of their venture. However he is keen to ensure that would-be restaurateurs understand that running restaurant has got very little to do with cookery – the time spent in the kitchen can be a low as 10%. The course focuses on the fundamentals of how to run a restaurant and the impact of that this has on the lifestyles of those that run them.

The course also looks to build confidence but it should be recognised that there is no magic formula. Many people are attracted to the industry each year but many are unsuccessful because they fail to grasp the concept of turning food into profit. The market is tough with a wide range of competition.

The course lasts three days and will cost prospective students £550 per person.