Cookery Class News

Forget out-door team-building – go cooking!

Okay, we’ve all been there – you’re sitting at your desk, Friday afternoon envisioning that first froth-topped Stella Artois – and it lands: the e-mail from on high, just in time to ruin your weekend.

Not, perhaps, the weekend you’re planning directly after that first Belgian brew, but coming soon to a team-leader near you: the team-building weekend.

These e-mails have an inevitability – there is always something in the air, someone’s had a sniff of what the bosses have got cooking and you just know what’s coming’s going to leave a nasty aftertaste.

And for what? The chance to get muddy with people you can hardly bear working with, let alone give up your free time for and the added bonus of earache at home because that particular person your better half can’t stand’s going to have to go, too?

The next time you catch wind of this type of activity wafting through the ivory towers, pre-empt them. Cooking classes are now available for just this type of corporate event, such as the one run at The Cook School by Martin Wishart in Leith, near Edinburgh.

These bespoke cookery classes come in a variety of guises for small to medium-sized parties, whether you just want to get together to execute a small dinner party or go for a larger group with a real hands-on team building extravaganza.

And the best of it is, you get to eat your efforts – much better than coming home after three nights in a Welsh valley with nothing but blisters and a black mark against your name because you spoke out of turn around the pool table playing ‘Killer’ for shots – oh, yes – been there!

You really can tailor your one-off cookery course to suit your business needs.

All of The Cook School’s facilities are for hire; if you want to impress friends, relatives and work associates in a more controlled atmosphere, you can hire the designer private room with a demonstration of a variety of set Michelin-rated courses before serving, yourself.

But the guys and girls have put some real effort into offering team-building sessions for would-be cooks’ classes of 15-25 or demonstrations catering for 20 people. But if you want to keep it small, there’s a hands-on cookery class with personal tuition for eight people also available.

À la carte or horse before the cart – I’ll leave that up to you; click through to home for the link to The Cook School to start preparing your corporate team-building day out in Edinburgh.