Cookery Class

Kickin’ cookery courses happening in Brighton and Hove

It’s all happening – or has been happening – down on the south coast, particularly in the Brighton & Hove borough.

First and foremost, students at the City College were treated to an impromptu hands-on lesson with Norman Cook’s (a.k.a. FatBoy Slim) personal chef in the art of crew catering.

Then the cookerydoodledoo food craft and cookery school in Hove is going all Mexican on us, following on from the success of Cooking with Teenagers in May, where they now have a lasting homage to their smoky enchiladas with the recipe for all to see, eat and learn to cook themselves on their webpages.

The next Mexican cookery class at cookerydoodledoo is aimed at the younger age bracket, 3-10 year olds, and is scheduled for 23rd June. Prices for the first child is £12, which includes the cooking lesson itself and admittance for parents. Got two kids who you just can’t give to one without the other? That’s dandy, too, as you can add a second child on for a supplementary £3.

Lunch is also included, derived from what the mini-chefs cook up themselves. On the recipe card for the 23rd June cookery class is Guacamole, Quesidillas and a delve into two infamous Mexican ingredients that stand up well on their own or go perfectly together. No, not tequila and worms: chilli and chocolate!

DJ’s chef opens eyes of cookery students with hands-on gig

But back to the Brighton & Hove City College. The students just happened to be at the American Express Community Stadium learning their trade in the training college whilst FatBoy Slim was putting on a couple of gigs. Dan Stockland, the DJ’s personal chef and a classically qualified chef in his own rite, couldn’t resist dropping in for a walk down memory lane to his time as a cookery student.

But he did much more for the catering class than offer a bit of helpful advice. The four pupils who shone in the cookery classes were invited backstage to the kickin’ catering canteen of the roadies and crew, not just to get a visual on the opportunity but also to get stuck in with a bit of hands on cookery experience.

Jonathan File, a tutor at the training college, couldn’t praise the surprise turn of events enough, saying just how ‘personable and professional’ Dan himself was and what an ‘eye-opener’ it had been for his students to actually be involved in a real-life scenario backstage kitchen and just how stressful it can get.

Just one question: with a name like FatBoy Slim, just what does this DJ’s diet constitute? A bit of “Yo, yo!” and yo-yo, no doubt.

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Cookery Class News

Kids Cookery School, London – Easter schedule now online

Once you have registered at the Kid’s Cookery School, all you have to do is choose your classes (subsidised for those receiving child tax credit) and you can pay (by card, too, now) on the day. No more nipping to the cashpoint when you’ve so little time, anyway!

The Kids Cookery School, as the name suggests, runs cookery classes predominantly* for children. If you’re ever stuck for an activity to keep your little cherubs occupied during our glorious (?) schedule of spring and summer holidays, why not get them interested in a skill that, whilst being totally enjoyable, will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives?

New Easter Program

The imminent Easter holidays can prove testing, especially if we are subject to out usual damp, overcast fornight for our first real ‘break’ of the year. The good news is, the kids cookery school are running an extensive Easter cookery class schedule, running from Monday 2nd April right through until Friday 13th – may not be over-populated, the cookery classes, on that last day. It’s online, now, access via our home page

Cookery Class vs Cookery Workshop

The kids cookery school offers kitchen basic know-how from children as young as 3 upwards. Nothing like starting early!
The differences between the two disciplines, cookery class, vs. workshop, is that the classes are deisgned for 3-4 year olds and lasts only for one hour fifteen minutes.
The workshops are for kids five upwards and are double the period, so they have time to learn how to cook more than one recipe.

Menu variation

Although cooking for kids is a wonderful idea, repetition can sometimes dampen their appetite. In order to address just this issue, the tutors at the school will do their utmost to ensure that those who attend try to have something new to try at every session, although, depending upon cookery class sizes, there will be limitations.
The best way to ensure the teachers have advance warning is to book the places early; this was also lead to the kids not being disappointed if the weather is truly British for the holidays and there is an influx of whipper-snappers wanting to learn to cook.

Not all people – including the parents who will no doubt be taste testers – can eat everything, although some sure do try.
At the Kid’s Cookery School, the motto ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care‘ is truly personified.
Providing the cooking staff have enough notice, allergen-friendly and Halal ingredients can be obtained in advance. Likewise, there is always a vegetarian option available.

What the kids actually cook on the day will be determined closer to the date, depending upon class sizes and cooking requirements.
Everything is provided – all you have to do is book in advance to let them know your interest and then turn up at the prescribed time with the kids.
There is a waiting area- where you could perhaps ask about the *Grown Up cookery courses or find out about the mobile kids cookery school.
Join me for more about KCS tomorrow, or book via out home page: