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Global cookery courses for all budding chefs at Bridge 67

We return to Leicester for one last time as we break down the cooking courses on offer at Bridge 67 Cookery School.

The Family Cook Day is a great way to introduce your children to the kitchen. Not only what goes into making the meals but also will teach them from an early age the valuable safety lessons to avoid the dangers inherent to cooking that remain the main cause of accidents in the home. For a very reasonable £75, one adult and one child can learn to cook a starter, a main course, a dessert and a cake, which can then be taken home to show off to the rest of the family the toil you’ve put in during the day. Extra child places are optional for a surplus fee of £25.

For a trip to the Mediterranean to remind you of those sunny days on the Costa or the lazy days on the Riviera, Bridge 67 also offer cooking courses from Spain and Italy. The Spanish course uses the rich, fresh flavours inherent of the country to prepare colourful and bold, yet simple, recipes. And specialty Firenze cooking with Lino Poli, the Michelin-toured chef whose trips around Europe to gain the kudos he richly deserves are infused in his unique style and menu, which pay homage to the rich heritage any chef who learnt their trade in San Pellegrino would do to the Italian staples.

If it’s a taste of The East that tantalises your taste buds, you’re not going to be disappointed, as there are cookery courses in both Indian and Thai. The Cook up a Curry cooking class incorporates everything from your samosas, rices, naans and, of course, a couple of strengths in curry, too. For a taste of Thailand, the lesson incorporates your tempura, noodle dishes, two curries (one green, obviously) and starters and sauces so you can impress one and all with the complete Thai meal.

Baking is covered in a multitude of cooking courses, as you would expect from a cookery school whose roots are firmly based in the farmhouse heritage of the Leicestershire countryside. From basic bread to patisseries, cakes to baking with allergies and even a cookery class dedicated to cake decorating, you’ll be opening your own bakery in no time.

There is plenty more to discover at Bridge 67 Cookery School, with menus for men and those who wish to bring the treasures of the deep to the table in a fish cookery course, covering both the salt- and fresh-water variety.

There is a complete timetable on site, covering almost every weekend of the year, right up to the second Saturday in December (in 2012). For any of you who can’t make Leicester, choose your cookery course from those we have on offer online at

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One cookbook, 5 years, 17 classrooms and 50,000 miles later

June of 2012 will see 37 pupils leave the humdrum of Glasgow and travel over 5,200 miles (one way) to Malawi, to continue a twin-ship unlike many other on the planet.

In time-honoured tradition (well, six years, anyway), the pupils and staff at Holyrood School have set about the fundraising to contribute towards the travel costs. This year, their cash-spinning tool of choice is a nothing other than a cook book, which was the rather bright spark this year’s fund needed to get the engine roaring up through the gears once more.

Emma MacDonald, the progenitor of this year’s idea, called upon her skills as a geography teacher to meld recipes from all continents to form the staple ingredients of this cookery book extraordinaire.

It seemed right on so many levels, according to Emma in a recent snippet in the Rutherglen Reformer. Glasgow has a rich, cosmopolitan air about it and the multi-national cultures amongst the school’s pupils reflects Scotland’s second city’s diverse global appeal.

As well as some of Scotand’s rich heritage making into the recipes, there are cookery lessons to be learnt from the East, with Indian and Pakistani contributions also included. The cookery book will be on sale on the school’s website at the price of £10.00. You will have to be quick if you want to pick one up, though, as there are only three hundred copies being printed.

The story of the partnership between Holyrood and Malawi is quite fascinating. Starting out as a backpack mission by the Holyrood Learning Community in 2006 in conjunction with Scottish International Relief, the partnership has grown leaps and bounds, since.

The project sees pupils globe-trot from Scotland across to Africa every year to bring much needed construction of new and renovation to old classrooms for educating the Malawi pupils, who would otherwise struggle to find a shelter in which to learn.

Over the short space of time, an astonishing seventeen classrooms have been built from scratch with many others having been renovated in the cannily-named Malawi village, Blantyre.

The classrooms not only act as a place to learn, but also a place to dine, as Mary’s Meals ensure the pupils partake in nourishing fare that would otherwise be devastatingly unattainable. Part of the project has also seen the Scottish pupils install a water pump for the life-saving dinner-ladies which, again, has proved a boon to lives of the Malawi school children.

Let’s hope the cook book does the trick and sends another mercy mission off and away to Malawi. You never know, there may just be a sequel in the offing, with nutritious African meals in for us to have a crack at cooking. For more information, or to order the book, visit the website at:

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Cookery school has Asian food craic’ed

With an overall emphasis fashioned towards comprehensive cooking courses in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, Brennan’s Cookery School in Eire offers a plethora of classes covering everything that is, well, not necessarily native of Cork.

Evening cooking classes are the staple diet of Brennan’s Cook School that is Irish in attitude, Asian by design. Claiming to be the only cooking school in the centre of the metropolis that is Cork, you can dip your toe into simple Asian fusion and barbeque menus, cuisines from Vietnam and even learn how to prepare and cook Indian bread and those sweets that you see lining the counter every time you nip in to pick up the samosas and bhajis to go with your home-made curry on the way home from work.

If cooking from the East really is your passion, you can take the level of experience up a few gears by booking to a place on the advanced Asian cooking class, Cooking with Spices.

Forget Blackpool, Prague and Dublin – have your stag or hen do cooking in Cork!

Okay, name two things you associate with Ireland, other than jockeys and hockey. Yep, Guinness and Jameson Whiskey. How many stag dos do you see heading to the Emerald Isle in terminal T2 at Birmingham airport every time you’re planning a trip over the Irish Sea, yourself?

You can’t move for t-shirts emblazoned with some guy’s face, each with a name on the back or pink outfits with one (un?)lucky bride-to-be with an ‘L’ plate around her neck. Instead of spending three days just staggering around Temple Bar, why not plan one of the evenings learning to cook at Brennan’s, instead?

Not only do they cater for corporate evenings, private parties and birthday and anniversary celebrations, but they also offer an evening cookery class for those celebrating their pre-nuptuals and last nights of freedom.

Put the fun back into cooking

You may have noticed a huge leaning towards fun and frolics in the atmosphere this cooking school emits – that’s because they believe that you’ll take more out of an evening learning to cook if you’re enjoying it than if you’re being taught in classroom conditions.

So, if you fancy having a craic at learning how to cook Asian-style in convivial Gaelic surroundings, ready to impress your bride/groom-to-be once you eventually get back off honeymoon, with the added bonus of being in the land where the finest alcoholic drinks of all time were invented, why not check out what this Irish by nature cooking school has to offer this year.