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T.G.I. Friday’s expanding rapidly and recruiting 700!

Would you consider your cooking to be up to scratch to serve at the fastest-growing casual dining outlet in the country? Well, be prepared to dust off your CV (or get yourself booked onto some of our cookery courses if your culinary expertise needs a dust-off) as T.G.I. Friday’s is ‘bucking the trend’ in the face of austerity, growing at an unprecedented rate.

It’s been a busy few years for the American restaurant, that has gone from strength to strength incorporating three new key criteria: bosses, burgers and belief.

First and foremost, they appointed a new UK Managing Director in the shape of Karen Forrester. Firstly, she has guided them through fourteen consecutive quarters of growth, not bad when you consider that period of time covers, nay, almost mirrors, the times of hardship we have encountered since the banking world collapsed in 2008 and the global financial meltdown that ensued and will not go away.

Secondly, she has seen the chain grow to over fifty restaurants in the UK last year, with an additional six planned for this year. Three confirmed sites are Halifax, Manchester and Wembley with three to be pinned down later in the year. There will be around 700 jobs created in total, including cooks, front of house staff, waiting staff and, often over-looked but nevertheless key to an outlet’s success, experienced, quality management.

Many of these positions will be sourced from outside the existing chain as their second ingredient for success is investment in high-calibre staff across all roles. It is their intention to continue this ‘people-led strategy’ and emphasis on the ‘team members’, according to UK Operations Director Tim Cullum. They will be looking to employ the best in the market for the roles they envisage available before the restaurants open their doors, so now’s the time to get your accreditation at the cookery school of your choosing to stand you in good stead when the time comes.

The third and final element attributed to the chain’s turnaround in the face of adversity is a complete overhaul to their burger range, which now accounts for one third of all meals the chain serves. In actual terms, this means 50,0000 main courses of the new burger range are served across the fifty+ outlets every week, combining to help growth whilst showing initiative and innovation by identifying with the market and meeting that demand.

If you have the management skills or proficiently high experience in other roles to meet a ‘rewarding and challenging career’ opportunity, you can get in touch through their blog: TGI Friday’s Blog