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Free cookery courses on offer for Loughborough women

It’s not very often that you get cookery courses for free, but for those living in and around the Loughborough area that’s the exact deal on offer from Loughborough College and the local council. And the theme is perhaps a diversion that many of us could do with taking on board as the world is recycling everything from tin cans to underpants. Would Joanna Lumley really want me to shwop my worn boxers? Perhaps discussion for another article.

Anyhoo – back to cookery courses. Loughborough College are offering two fee-free courses for women in their region to promote both health and fitness; indirectly, also teaching how to put less of a strain on the environment. The fitness part is a four-week proficiency course in cycling, running from the nineteenth of next month through to the tenth of July to be held at Lodge Farm Playing Fields. The health part is the free cookery course, which not only encourages the reduction of food waste but also, as we are all conscious of our budgets as well as our carbon footprint, making the food that we do buy stretch further.

In order to access the cycling and cookery courses you need to go through the Loughborough Womens’ Environmental Network, who are running the event for the second year on behalf of Charnwood Borough Council. The courses have even been acknowledged as highly as in The Cabinet, with Councillor Hilary Fryer (not the best surname to be endorsing a healthy-eating cookery course, to be fair) of the ‘cleansing and open space’ department commented on the difference that LWEN is making for women in the borough.

Fryer goes on to explain that the courses, indeed, the group, are in place to enable women living in somewhat inaccessible areas of the borough to come together and share their experiences. It is hoped that, by bringing in women from various and more diverse communities, the healthier lifestyle of those who do not have access to off-the-shelf ready meals so easily and do all of their cooking from nature’s own back yard will be able to pass on their experience to others hungry to learn to cook how nature intended. Furthermore, with limited numbers, she hopes that women who genuinely want to attend the cycling proficiency or cookery classes sign up soon as soon as possible, as it is a once a year opportunity not to be missed.

For further information, you can e-mail either [email protected] or [email protected] for updates, exact course venues and activities.