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Bristol cookery school teacher offers basic cooking tips

The founder of The Devilled Egg cookery school, Barbora Stiess believes that most people want to improve the range and level of their cooking abilities. This desire can be due to a real passion for food or simply because it makes economic sense to cook meals from scratch.

Barbora believes that whilst anybody can cook, many people wrongly assume that they don’t have the necessary skills or time to pursue it. She feels that anybody who really wants to learn can pick up the basics very quickly and create meals that far exceed their expectations.

During her time at The Devilled Egg, she has experienced this phenomenon numerous times. Whilst the customers taking the cookery courses may vary in their experience and cooking ability, their delight and surprise at what they are able to create is universal.

As if to demonstrate how simple cooking can be Barbora has provided the following basic tips,

Fish skin – the key to avoiding flabby fish skin is to rub it with salt and fry it in an extremely hot pan.

– Poached eggs – to ensure that the egg holds its shape the trick is to add a small amount of vinegar to the simmering water.

– Foams and Purees – these are very popular at the moment and are really simple to make – just infuse your chosen flavour with milk and add sufficient butter to assist with the foaming.

Barbora believes that cookery courses can really help to supplement cookbooks, which, for all the wonderful recipes they provide, rarely go further than basic instructions and provide no advice on the best way to react when things don’t go to plan.

The Devilled Egg cookery schools provides a range of cooking courses from it base in Clifton, Bristol.