Date bars for festive fun

Not only do I write for, I also write for a dating site,

As I was researching what to write for my first post of the New Year for my cookery courses site, I thought I was looking in the wrong feed alert.

With a headline of ‘Date Bars’ and an opening line which read: “It’s that time of year, when I evaluate a variety of things in my life…” I genuinely believed I’d opened up my dating site folder and not the cookery courses one.

However, after further investigation, I can confirm that ‘Date Bars’ is a post from top dessert chef David Lebovitz, the celebrated protagonist of many a sweet serving, from his humble days as a sweet sixteen year old in California as a pastry chef before striking out on his own at the turn of the century and now living the sweet life in gay Paris.

An unusual base for a pastry chef

David has made a success of preaching his teachings at culinary events around Europe, with stints like his jaunt to Tuscany at the food writing workshop: however, one of the greatest accolades for David is his blog, recognised within the industry as ground-breaking.

There are cookery courses, and there’s Tuscany

If you’re going to learn about getting back to nature and living off the land cooking, where better than Tuscany? David is scheduled to be there in April 2012, on a five-day extravaganza that will teach chefs about the origins of foods, how to research into ingredients to create the perfect recipe and then the publication – and publicisation – of it, so that others may learn from your endeavours.

Learn how to earn from cooking expertise

Irrespective of his culinary teachings, and he does pay homage to many of his peers on his site, David has encapsulated on his site/blog an aspect of learning to cook that many would-be chefs – in their desire to learn different methods – often miss about their own skills.

Cooking is very individual, and people interpret ingredients based on their own style. Their are many other like-minded people in the world of cooking who share a similar passion.

David has leveraged these and, although he does not offer an out-and-out cooking course from his site, you can purchase his books and publications from similar chefs through his Amazon store on his blog.

In effect, you have a cookery course (although without individual lessons) every time you buy a book from his blog, from which he will earn his commission, obviously.

Not a cooking class, per se, but once the book is back home, be it David’s or one purchased through his store, it is yours for constant reference, forever and ever, Amen. Job done.