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Cooking course gives college students a taste for success

Charitable trust Mentor Link is helping students at Church Hill Middle School in the West Midlands get the opportunity to become the future Jamie Oliver.

A grant of five hundred pounds has recently been awarded to run cooking courses within the college.

The funds arrived following Mentor Link’s successful application for support via West Mercia Police’s Community and Voluntary Sector Awards.

The courses are being run by experienced culinary experts Andrew Powis and his wife Elaine.

Mrs Powis stated: “I tutor 3 students while Andrew tutors 1.”

“The students are really passionate about their cookery courses and have picked a wide range of dishes.The most favoured recipe were crepes which have been tried and appreciated by the headmaster Philip Hume.”
“Because of time restrictions we’ve unsurprisingly needed to make use of packet blends however they haven’t spoilt the students’ enjoyment.”

Aside from acquiring a brand new approach, the purpose of the cookery course is to get tutors to communicate with and befriend the students on a one-to-one basis every week and develop a much more constructive mindset towards studying.

Mrs Powis also explained: “We attempt to instil a strong awareness of working together, maths, safety and health issues, social skills and individual hygiene however it isn’t often simple. Any kind of bad behaviour leads to a exclusion from the subsequent lesson, for which the student is genuinely remorseful.”

To get more details regarding the cookery course please visit the MentorLink website here.