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Just desserts for those brave enough to enter dessert competition

The competition for entry into the Mõvenpick Gourmet Dessert Chef is well under way and the deadline for your chance to be considered as Mõvenpick Gourmet Dessert Chef of the Year is fast approaching. Allan Pickett, the head chef at London’s Canary Wharf Plateau, who will be on the judging panel for the live cook off event alongside a whole host of the industry’s most illustrious names, is urging more budding chefs who are perhaps hiding their light under a bushel to come forward and risk showcasing their culinary prowess for the chance to win a cookery course extraordinaire and stay at Mõvenpick’s Swiss home.

Launched in association with the Craft Guild of Chefs, the competition is not just about raising a classic dessert from scratch but also to show the hospitality trade what it’s missing out on as almost four fifths of orders from pub and restaurant menus do not, at present, contain a dessert. With a three course meal constituting main, side and a choice of either starter or dessert, there is a very real sense within The Guild that the trade is missing a trick or two by not being positive about promoting the sweets available as a healthy, enjoyable alternative to the starter as part of any fixed three-course meal.

The closing date for entries to the competition is only a fortnight away (1st May) and whilst many, many UK cookery courses include programs and one-off cookery classes for desserts and patisseries, the second call, if you like, for competitors in this year’s competition would suggest that they perhaps have not had as many entrants as they would have anticipated.

It would seem that the high glitz and glamour of the brand and its website – it’s perhaps one of the funkiest, elegant websites I’ve ever seen and I research a lot of websites – may be putting people off entering. I’m almost tempted to sign up for a cookery course myself to learn how to make ice-cream using

  • 2 x 125ml tubs Smart Price Black Cherry yoghurt,
  • 1 x Double Elmlea Cream (284ml/½ pint), and
  • 2 heaped tea-spoons (20 mg) of Smart Price instant chocolate powder
    • total cost = less than a quid, serves two

– a Black Forest Gateaux meal in a glass! I’m sure there’s a market for that in an ice-cream, if only I knew the conversion from yoghurt to the frozen stuff, I’d be on my way.

I might just get my Ninja out and crush some ice with those ingredients and see how it turns out. And no pinching this recipe, you guys! You read it here, first…

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no pinchin' it!

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Chefs Association To Launch Nationwide Cookery Courses

The Craft Guild of Chefs plans to launch a range of nationwide cookery courses aimed at families, following a series of successful trials in Herford.

The association, in partnership with Zuidam and Premier Foods, recently held a trail course at Simon Balle School. Children were joined by their parents for a practical cookery course which focused on the fundamentals of cooking.

The course featured Matt Owens, an executive chef at Zuidam, and Mark Rigby, one of the senior chefs at Premier Foods. They each demonstrated their cookery skills and were on hand to answer questions.

These trials have proved so popular that the association now plans to launch the ‘family food appreciation’ courses nationwide in the New Year.

Owens explained that in the past, chefs have volunteered their time to enter schools and teach the children about cooking and food. Whilst these sessions have been well received by the children, the message regarding healthy eating is often lost since the children end up eating junk food at home.

This is one of the main reasons that the courses focus on educating the entire family.

Rigby claimed that most people tend to only think about food when they are hungry and don’t really contemplate planning meals. This tends to result in unhealthy snacking. He was also quick to point out that eighty per cent of children with obese parents will become obese themselves.

Every school that signs up will offered up to four cooking courses each year, which will be scheduled to coincide with the availability of seasonal produce.

If the school does not contain suitable facilities then the association will work with local firms to secure an alternative venue.

For more information on the cooking courses please visit