Olive Oil May Help To Prevent Against Stroke

A recent study has suggested that olive oil can be an effective way to reduce the chance of stroke in people aged 65 and over. French researchers spent five years studying over seven thousand people aged sixty five and over.

They discovered that people who consumed large amounts of olive oil as part of their diet were less likely to fall victim of a stroke than those people who never use it

The researcher team has suggested that, based on their study, older people ought to encouraged to increase the amount of olive oil in their diet. The lead author of the study, Dr. Cecilia Samieri, from the University of Bordeaux, believes that olive oil would be an easy and relatively cheap way to help prevent stroke which is so prevalent in older people.

The researchers found that, once other variables such as exercise, weight and diet were taken into consideration, the risk of stroke was 40% lower in people who used olive oil on a regular basis, compared to those who didn’t.

The possible health benefits of olive oil and other similar liquids such as good quality argan oil have been acknowledged for many years. It is thought that it may help protect against problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure and high colesteral

A spokesman for the Stroke Association welcomed the findings but stressed that the risk of stroke will only be reduced if olive oil is consumed instead of other cooking fats, as part of a healthy, well balanced diet which is low in salt and saturated fat.

The Stroke Association were also keen to point out the much more scientific research is required to measure how effective olive oil is at preventing against stroke.

Cookery Courses News

Cookery courses, from the ground up

Cooking has never been more popular than it is today. With television channels dedicated to the art, documentaries attracting millions of viewers and celebrities from all walks of stardom looking to exhibit their culinary expertise to willing audiences, pots and pans have moved from their spiritual home in the kitchen to up front and central in our living rooms. With our newfound love for doing something amazing with food rather than just blitz a frozen ready meal at 850 watts, cookery courses are attracting people from all walks of life.

From children to dads to grandparents (and mums as well, don’t forget), there seems to be an entry level (and certificate) for whatever plane your cookery skills operate on into the fast-growing industry, from foundation upwards. Instead of being just something you ate while you talked about your day at work or school, conversations around the dinner tables of the UK are turning to food itself as the prime source of discussion.

With the influence of top chefs like Jamie Oliver impacting our very government to change the way children think (and have access to) healthy, nutritional food, what we eat no longer simply exists in the domain of the adults, but it is a medium to bring whole families together, swapping tips, hints and learning from each other, as they go.

cookery courses for every skill level, every passion

There is only so much you can learn en masse. If you are serious about food, either delivering the best to your family, brushing up a technique to entertain the love of your life (or their family) or are so enamoured with cooking that you’re looking to take it seriously, there will be a cookery course out there for you.

Whether you are looking for a cookery class that shows you how to use a wooden spoon or a full-blown course that explains in depth how to cook a five-course meal for (family) royalty, there will be an entry level designed to accommodate you. There are many free courses at local community halls or schools, but to deliver the broadest knowledge of one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, choosing a professional course with a recognised qualification and certification is the way forward.

The topic of cooking is so broad that we couldn’t possibly cover it all in one article, here on What we hope to achieve, over the coming weeks, months and years is a comprehensive guide to the best cookery courses available either on the web (there are some excellent remote learning courses) or in situ, at some of the highest quality, nationally recognised cookery schools in the UK.

This will be an amazing journey for us – we hope you enjoy the experience (and sticky wooden spoons) as much as we do, as we have fun with food into 2012 and beyond.