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More than Basil in this Thai cookery course

If you ever find yourself in Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai District (easy for you to say) in North West Thailand and fancy learning to cook like the locals, then Basil Cookery School is ready and waiting for you six days a week, mornings or evenings, for a four and half hour sortee into every component that makes up your traditional Thai meal.

With a deep commitment to deliver an enjoyable cookery school experience for one of the most popular styles of menu on the globe, the Basil Cookery School have done everything to simplify the process, as you get to do all of the cooking for seven – yep, 7 – different courses. They’ll even pick you up from and drop you back to your accomodation, providing you’re staying within the district of Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai.

There may be many happy memories you bring back with you from Thailand, but this is something very practical you can practise time and again when you get back home. Never remembered anything like that you’ve done before? Don’t worry – for the cookery class price of 1,000 BHAT you get the entire colour Basil recipe book to bring home with you!

Thai food is one of the most healthy of the popular food-styles and you get to choose one from three possible options for the six available courses, plus how to make your own curry paste. The six cooking courses consist of Noodles, Curry, Soup, Stir-fry, Starters, Desserts and then the all-important Pastes.

What sets this cooking school apart is that, whether you opt for the morning 09:00 to 13:30 class or evening 16:00 – 20:30 lesson, numbers are limited to a minimum of one to a maximum if seven people, so you are always guaranteed help close to hand, although the recipes are simplified to be able to easily recreate when you get back home to the UK.

They have the passion and knowhow and are just dying to share that experience in their ‘clean and clear’ kitchens, top-end implements and using only fresh, locally-produced products. All ingredients are grown within the district, bought from the local market and you will learn all about the parts the herbs, spices and vegetables play in delivering that undeniable Thai taste, in the palm of your hands forever once you attend this unique cooking class.