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Can’t make the cookery course? Let it come to you!

One of the aspects similar to many cookery courses we have written about in the past is that, if they’re not based in the heart of the capital (London, Dublin, Paris, Adelaide – we’ve covered a few), they’re out in the sticks. Which is great if you’ve got the time to take yourself out of the equation altogether and enjoy learning to cook in tranquil surroundings with little other than the odd bleat or moo to distract you.

Many busy individuals, however, cannot fit in a four hour round trip to accommodate such a cookery course, no matter how class it is. Well one cookery school in Raunds, Northants, has come up with a unique angle to cope with this struggle with diversity. If you can house them, they’ll bring their cookery school to you – what a stunning idea!

You can, of course, visit 1st Class Cuisine on their Farm, just a short trip off the A14, J13, where they host – and you can take part in – any one of a whole host of various cuisines they will teach you to cook. In fact, the length of their one-day classes really does qualify their sessions as cookery courses, rather than a simple cooking lesson, running for six hours at a time between 10am – 4pm, proving exceptional value for money.

And 1st Class Cuisine can expand even further. Offering a tailored service, you can discuss with them a series of courses and they’ll incorporate your individual cookery class requirements and build them into a complete cookery course. Excellent if you wan to offer a service with a ‘taste of’, for example.

Say you had an idea for a restaurant (this is even getting my business-brain taste buds watering) that, given the plethora of Indian, Chinese, Thai and Bangladeshi restaurants in any given town, you wanted to offer European dishes. 1st Class Cuisine could conceivably assemble a cookery course schedule that instructed the budding chef in their Italian, Spanish, French and English cookery classes (yes, it seems that English cooking is having something of a global renaissance at the moment) from their list of options on their website.

As well as the ‘general’ international cuisines, you can take cooking lessons in specifics, such as Fine Dining, Desserts and Sweets and even Roasts and Stews.

And to complete the take away experience of bringing food to your door to enjoy, the cookery school even do a class in learning how to cook take-away – I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to recreate that Indian or Chinese taste, no matter how close I’ve tried to stick to the ingredients and recipe. A full list of courses and dates are available on site – you can even buy a gift e-voucher for someone who you think would benefit – think very carefully before you consider that option for Mother’s Day, though!