Cookery Class

A cookery class involving Hens, Hen Parties, that is

Mm, okay. We can all see the novelty behind a Stag Do being held at a cookery school, but why on earth would a Hen Party want to be held there? Surely that’s a little bit like a busman’s holiday?

Back in the day, it would have been. The kitchen is no longer the providence of the fairer sex (to my wife, it is simply a galley through which she walks to get to the Jacuzzi) and women leaving home with an ingrained talent for making everything come alive on the work surface an in the oven is no longer the given it once was.

Indeed, such is the plight of many young couples leaving home clueless about how to work anything in the kitchen other than a kettle and a microwave (I had to show my nineteen year-old’s girlfriend how to use a manual tin-opener, last week, sheesh!), being unable to prepare and cook even the most basic of meals from scratch is one of the arguments behind the predictions of the experts who believe we will see a 50% rise in obesity by the time we reach the year 2030 in the UK.

But as well as a whole host of branded stores, cookery courses and government initiatives targeting the ‘eat/cook fresh’ market, there is also a great need for youngsters to even learn to cook at all.

I can think of no other reason why the online Stress-Free Hen Party planning website, Cambridge Hen Party, would offer a cookery class as part of its menu. Spa Days, Cocktail Making and even belly-dancing I can get to grips with, but a Cookery Class for a Hen Party?

There are three different types, Greek, Thai or Spanish and all are designed to offer buffet/feast style menus that, following complimentary drinks (no doubt not too many at this stage as there are hot and sharp elements to deal with in the kitchen itself), the chef walks up to twelve Hens through the preparation, the meal is then cooked in a state-of-the-art kitchen, before the party sits down to indulge in the fantastic meal that’s been co-created.

At a small additional cost, a recipe card as a souvenir can also be produced so that the meals learned to cook are not forgotten after the honeymoon.

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