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Cookery courses to the fore in team-building events

We’ve mentioned it a fair bit this year, but the traditional team-building events, whilst still very much available, are now more health and safety conscious than ever. I can’t imagine that the scree-running, abseiling and pot-holing we did in Bryntysilio would feature very highly on the HSE-friendly to-do list, these days.

A much safer way of bonding the workforce is to get them into the kitchen, where even the majority of appliances, these days, are practical and safe. Well, I wouldn’t call some of the ingredients my wife cobbles together safe, but you know what I mean? Mm, I wonder if Lloyds TSB are thinking of running any team-building cookery courses?

And that leads me nicely into today’s topic…
…I was talking to James Coakes whilst portending another hat I wear and he mentioned that he’d organised a troupe off on a jolly as a works’ team building event to a restaurant. Standard fare, I thought. But then he happened to mention that it was also a cooking class in…wait for it…

Now, you all know that I’m a healthy eating lad, but my one Achilles Heel – and I think it’s to replace the beer since hip surgery last year – is chocolate. And we used to end up orienteering through fields of cows in a musty-smelling Welsh forest? I’m sorry, Wales, but you know that ‘fine Welsh mud’ that happy couple (obviously on Prozak) were washing off their bike wheels in your promo ad – you can keep it!

Anyway, I digress. This is how far this type of networking, company-socialising pastime has come. No longer is it down entirely to the individual cookery schools to try to snare the attention of people looking for cookery courses online, there are team-building companies incorporating them into their menu.

James’ company’s called the teambuilding company (funnily enough) and as well as the chocolate team-building cookery course he offers, there’s a Chinese affair, entitled Team Wok – and that’s the name of the company, not a slogan James or his associates have dreamed up – as well as Sumptuous Sushi, Cocktail-making (boy, did I used to think I was Tom Cruise in my bar-tender days…definitely more of a Bryan Brown character, these days?) and a Cuisine-Team event.  All but one of the Rocket Restaurants venues, host for the  lessons in how to make chocolate, is in London so if you can’t make the Nottingham restaurant, it’s a trip down to The Smoke, so your staff will at least feel like they’ve had a night out and a chance to glug some of the petty cash in London, as only the best staff does.

So, if you’re a company boss and not sure about how a weekend trekking in the Welsh Hills is going to go down with your staff, why not try cookery courses next time your planning to get your employees to bond?

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Cookery Courses News

Learn to cook – vegetables

For those who see vegetables as purely fillers for a meal, to add a bit of colour to the plate or articles that you know you should be eating more of but would rather take your vitamin intake from supplements, perhaps taking a cookery course in the art of preparing les legumes may open your eyes to the possibilities that these often neglected ingredients present.

Trying to get your kids to eat their greens is a problem that has bedevilled parents for generations. Perhaps we have been looking at them the wrong way.

How often do you roast your vegetables, other than spuds, for instance? What other herbs and spices do you put in the pot – other than salt – when boiling your cauliflower? And do you boil them until they’re so soggy any nutrient gets washed out of the colander when you drain them?  Perhaps it’s time you acknowledged that you need a cookery class to learn how to cook vegetables.

Cooking courses not just for meat or fish

When you turn your eyes to the TV or magazines, very often the spotlight is on the honey-glazed roast or a sizeable chunk of flaky white fish; okay, the vegetables may be glazed, too or treated to extra dressing but can in no way be considered centre stage.

Chinese New Year can kick-start your enthusiasm

One of the greatest nations on Earth for utilising leaves, shoots and seeds are the Chinese. With their New Year a little over a month after Western Europe’s – and the great sense of occasion they celebrate it with – the build-up in 2012 will take in many of their customs, not least the cookery master class to which many Brits aspire, eat regularly and yet have absolutely no idea how to cook.

Christmas dinner without turkey?

Could you imagine being sat around the table on December 25th, sprouts and stuffing at the ready, yet no big bird waiting to be carved? No, of course not.

However, the Chinese New Year meal is as close an equivalent as we can draw in Europe to our own Christmas meal. The difference between them is that the Chinese version, probably the most important family meal in their calendar, there is a marked abstinence from meat due in no small measure to their belief that sticking to the vegetables will lead to a prolonged life.

Whatever your belief, if you’re in the majority of UK citizens, you are not consuming enough vegetables. Vegetables are not the enemy – if you know you should eat more, but don’t want to expend the time and effort because you’re the only one in the household who eats them, learn how to cook and prepare them more interestingly.

There are vegetable cookery courses – or individual classes – out there; enrol today to bring some natural goodness back into your life