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UK and Ireland cookery school 2012 competition launched

Heads up all of you purveyors of cookery courses – the 2012 Looking To Cook competition has been launched to find la crème de la crème of UK and Irish cookery schools and there is a whole host of categories into which you can enter your school/company, in whole or in categories in which you know you excel.

It has to be said, you can’t look into this niche without seeing a new cookery school open its doors every week. From independents to giants in the hospitality trade, from a group of select chefs to manufacturers of food and drink products, all are seen as ways of bringing either expertise or a particular product into the every day lives of budding chefs who genuinely want to enhance their skills and learn to cook meals other than traditionally accepted fare.

Whilst cookery schools themselves bestow awards upon its pupils and suppliers and manufacturers/brands celebrate their own chefs of the year regularly, Looking to Cook has decided it’s about to honour those cookery schools that are all-important in the learning curve that sees aspiring chefs go from newbie to nouvelle and from mediocre to Michelin.

Does your cookery school go above and beyond the the call of duty?

So, if your cookery school offers that little bit extra, takes the average chef out of their comfort zone to try the amazing instead of the amateur menu, the Looking to Cook awards want to know about it. And what’s best about this competition is that it not only has an extremely simplified process to enter, it is also free*.

The process is simple enough. There are detailed category listings on the Looking to Cook site, as well as further in depth info about the cookery school competition itself. Simply send an e-mail detailing which of the categories you’d like your school/company name entered into and a quick résumé indicating on what basis you believe your cookery courses qualify for that category.

There is a limit on the number of categories any one cookery school can enter of three. You can enter up to two of the categories for free; *if you opt for a third, it does attract a fee of £29. The prestigious award for overall best cookery school will be determined from a shortlist based on the winners of each regional best school. There’s also a bonus award of best website, which is not a category you can enter into per se, but of all those who enter the competition, Looking to Cook will cast the vote to the public to see which they think offers the best overall digital cookery school experience.

Full competition details are available on their website.

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