Cookery Courses

Flip-flops, passport, euros and apron – check!

Before I started writing for, it never dawned on me how intrinsically entwined the world of travel is with cooking. But when you think on, how else would we ever learn to cook dishes from around the globe if it wasn’t for some adventurous soul braving all with little other than a backpack and cagoule for protection, only an endearing lust for trying out new recipes, which encounter never-before-seen ingredients, driving them on?

The phenomenon of traipsing around the globe to bring back localised delicacies has developed to the extent that even Abta, the travel agency governing body, are producing well-researched literature encompassing the best cookery courses available through its licensed distributorships to entice budding chefs to fly the world in search of that taste of the exotic. More importantly, not just to taste-test it, but to know how to lovingly prepare and cook it upon return to the UK.

The latest international cookery classes have been released in Abta’s Travel Trends Report 2012 and, as such, have been given the once-over by The Independent. From Saigon to The Seine, Espaňa to Africa, there are soupçons ideas of cookery courses to check out once you’ve checked in. Without further ado…

…betwixt and between the German and Czech border lies a cross-border cookery school operated by Bavarian Forest Holidays. Staying in self-catering apartments (a bit rich for a cookery school, no??), you will receive expert tutelage in the home-grown recipes of traditional Bavarian and Czech family meal fare.  It doesn’t say anything about the beer, the region being renowned for its brewing expertise, but when in Rome…

Looking for something a little warmer? To the majority of us, travelling halfway across the globe to indulge in cooking, which may then lead to higher expectations back home, may have the feel of a busman’s holiday; you at least want to feel the sun on your back whilst you’re there, right? We can indulge you.

A drop of Hinge and Bracket’s favourite tipple, sherry, as well as a dip into Spanish culture accompany the cookery course at Annie B’s at Vejer de la Frontera. Not all of the action takes place in her Spanish Kitchen, though. A trip to the market as well as the sherry-tasting accompanies this Andalucian adventure.

Vietnamese cooking is little known or explored in the UK, as yet, but at Saigon’s Park Hyatt you can immerse yourself in the mystique of their culture whilst taking on a cookery course that may or may not coincide with one of the Masters of Food & Wine events that regularly showcase at the hotel. But wear extra padding in your seat! The cookery classes begins with a trip to the local Ben Thanh market on the back of a Vespa to pick up the delicacies you’ll be eventually learning to cook.

That selection really does just touch the tip of the iceberg, with further reviews from the Tyrol to The Thames covered in this global discovery of holiday destination cookery courses,