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Spice up Father’s Day with a cookery course

Are you struggling with what to get your dad for Father’s Day this year? Does he already have more pairs of socks than Marks and Spencer? Why not push the boat out with a little something different this year by sending your dad back to school? Cookery school, that is!

It’s true, the younger generation of men who are not getting married until their thirties or even forties and are flat-sharing because they can’t get a mortgage of their own have had to learn to cook for themselves, to a certain extent.  But for those dads who come from the previous generation, when a woman’s role was very definitely as the home maker whilst he went out and won the bread, have never actually had to  learn even the basics of cookery.

Let’s face it, if you were to buy your dad a set of cookery courses for Father’s Day, you wouldn’t half get yourself into your mom’s good books, too.  You may, however, want to take her to one side and reassure her that it’s not her cooking that’s the problem, just that you thought your dad’s gift would benefit you all.

We have plenty of choice on our cookery courses home page, but one cookery school, Mum’s Spaghetti, is offering a Dad’s only cookery class at a very reasonable rate, when you filter in the discount they’re offering.  And it’s staged on the 3rd of July, so your dad has plenty of time after the day itself to reschedule his calendar to fit the lesson in.

The aim is to provide a relaxed atmosphere for the dads (so that male pride doesn’t get in the way of the lessons) and, over the course of the three hours, provide instruction on the basic elements that go into making a meal. Or, as the case is in this class, a three course meal so that if your mum is delayed or treating herself to a bit of beauty therapy, dad can step in in the kitchen and you’ll be safe in the knowledge what he’ll prepare is at the very least edible.

Mum’s Spaghetti is in the heart of Staffordshire, too, beneath Lichfield Cathedral’s spires.  I have strolled along the main high street there more times than I care to remember so, if he puts up any resistance, you can always bribe him by offering to take him for a well earned beer in one of the many, many fine public houses that Lichfield City Centre has to offer.

If Staffordshire’s stretching the mileage a little, check out the courses we have on offer to find cookery classes near you.

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Cookery School News

Bridge 67 Cookery School – above a cut

With cookery courses to suit all levels, every taste and even classes just for men, Bridge 67 Cookery School caters for just about the lot. Conveniently situated in the heart of the Midlands with the majority of its cookery courses ran as one-day affairs on a Saturday, there really is little excuse not to expand your culinary prowess, here in Leicestershire.

Set in a idyllic farm surroundings, where the basic cookery school began back in 2006, Bridge 67 now boasts its own purpose-built dual-floor school-house, thanks in part to an EDMA grant enabling the recent expansion of the business which sees cookery courses every Saturday with a liberal sprinkling of one-off courses mid-week throughout the year (2012 – Sat 7th Jan – Sat 8th Dec inclusive).

Using the original farmhouse backdrop, Jill Vickers began teaching the absolute basics of learning to cook (and before you say it, that’s not necessarily the ethos of the ‘Just for Men’ cookery class that will be showcased four times this year!). Through a deserved reputation of quality teaching, a real farm setting and, judging by the many testimonials of delighted customers on their site from over the years, a very large emphasis endorsing that learning to cook should be fun, the cookery school is now able to bring you many culinary experiences at differing levels to suit your ability.

As it mentions on their home page, it matters not whether you’re a novice and need instruction at level one basis (okay – the men’s class is pitched there) or need more refined skills through levels two and three, the cookery courses are made available to incorporate that requirement. There is even a specialist Italian class one Thursday in every month (except June and December) dedicated to cooking with Firenze and seasonal one-day events for advanced dinner parties to coincide with whichever season we happen to find ourselves.

There are spaces for the majority of the cookery classes left to run this year, all bookable through their online form; if there’s someone you know who’d benefit from the courses, you can even buy a voucher tailored to the specific event (I was going to say for a Valentine’s Day gift, but you’d have to be dead certain that sort of present was given and received in the right light!).

There’s far too much information to go into the details of the courses in one article, there are that many, so check back here tomorrow where we’ll go into the specifics of the best on offer to give you a taste of the menu they’re cooking up every week at Bridge 67 Cookery School.

p.s. the title of this article will be explained tomorrow, also…intrigued?