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Hosptality and Tourism Summit announces inaugural event

One of the aspects will be to highlight the virtues of the sector and how it can be grown to an extent that it becomes an attractive proposition for job seekers.

In recent times, there have been many attempts to bring the hospitality trade our of the dark. Innovative training schemes in management, front of house and cookery courses for budding chefs by breweries and hotel chains alike have adapted their learning portals to be accessible through a medium that today’s school leavers can communicate with.

In another huge step to bring the industry to the fore, The British Hospitality Association is preparing itself for the inaugural Tourism and Hospitality Summit in a couple of days time.

The estimated number of jobs in the sector is put at around two and a half million, contributing more than £30bn towards the UK’s GDP. However, many still see roles in hospitality as a ‘job’ rather than a career, especially within the licensing trade. One of the aspects of the summit will be to highlight the virtues of the sector and how it can be grown to an extent that it becomes an attractive proposition for job seekers.

There will be a whole host of public figures at the summit, which is being held at the Intercontinental on London’s Park Lane on Friday (June first). Stars from the field of sport Gavin Hastings, Matt Dawson and Dame Kelly Holmes have put their names down to attend. Ably assisting and perhaps mediating the discussions will be UN World Tourism Organisation’s Taleb Rifai.

The CEO of the The British Hospitality Association, Ufi Ibrahim, recognises the place in the economy of tourism, reporting it to be the country’s third largest export product.

The main theme, and to set a precedent for the future, will be to investigate the link between tourism and hospitality. Obviously, it’s pointless attracting people to the country only to offer them sub-standard service, hospitality and dining experiences.  Any business knows that growth comes through providing good service; if we can’t do that, the industry simply stagnates.

From there, it is hoped that a correlation between the two will have a platform to build upon, creating more jobs within the sector and growing expectations to a recognised and expected standard for the future of both industries.

If you’ve often fancied a crack at the hospitality trade with a view to perhaps setting out on your own, why not try one of the hand-picked cookery courses we have on our home page? Especially this summer, when tourism and celebration will be at a high as the UK hosts the Olympics and Jubilee, thousands from all across the world expected to flock to our shores. There will be plenty of mouths to feed, that’s for sure.
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