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Get out your greens – it’s National Vegetarian Week

Just using your staple veg – no need to go on a mad shopping hunt to try to find the exotic and expensive – Rachel’s recommendation is the simple frittata.

Calling all vegetarians – if you’re unaware, next week is National Vegetarian Week. Everyone thinks that, just because you’ve chosen a meat-free lifestyle, you’re bound to have signed up to all of the websites in the world about going Vegan, attend vegetarian cookery courses and sail out to save the whale with Greenpeace at the weekend. For the carnivorous types, the thought of going without a bit of red-blooded protein every day beggars belief.

It would be easy to sway towards the demand and use this week to press home the issue – ‘herbivores are right, omnivores are wrong’. But next week is choosing a different path. In a recent article, Monica Shaw caught up with two renowned vegetarian chefs who are not only providing eateries and cookery schools for meat-free diners but are also now accepting the fact that omnivores are not the enemy and just want to learn to cook vegetables that actually taste nice to go with their main course.

First of all, the Great British Chefs blogger caught up with Rachel Demuth, owner of the restaurant of the same name and ‘The Vegetarian Cookery School’. With the emphasis on time, the school has seen one of its cookery classes, ‘Fast and Delicious’, sell out time and again.

If you look inside anyone’s freezer, there is usually the odd bag of greens; beans, peas and even sprouts. But Rachel’s cookery class extols the virtue that everyone should have at least enough fresh vegetables in their pantry to be able to serve at least the minimum of fresh vegetables with every meal to add taste and nutrition alongside your canned and frozen vegetables.

Even if these are simply your staple vegetables – no need to go on a mad shopping hunt to try to find the exotic and expensive – Rachel’s recommendation is the simple frittata – simple, basic and suited to almost every veg you can name just to fry off in the basic egg mix.

Banging a similar drum is Mildred’s Vegetarian Restaurant head chef, Daniel Acevedo. Again, Daniel sees a fridge full of fresh veg as an absolute necessity. Although his interest is predominantly in the restaurant, he suggests that anyone looking to get their 5-a-day in every day (and not have to hold a victory parade on the day they achieve the feat once a month) always has the option of a simple salad or soup if there are fresh vegetables to hand.

There are plenty of planned events across the UK to run in conjunction with the Veg-fest, which officially gets under way Monday May 21st. If you’re looking to improve your vegetarian cookery prowess, there are plenty of choices on our cookery courses page that incorporate this niche, as well as a whole bulletin of other information to mark the event expected to go through the search engine pages.

No doubt I’ll meat meet you there.

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