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Eating fresh needn’t cost the earth with M value range

By emphasising that cooking fresh needn’t cost the earth, it is hoped that, by ingraining the message into the parents, children will pick up good habits, too.

As with last week’s Vegetarian theme, there seems to be a bit of a theme running through this week’s cookery courses blog, too. Yesterday, we perused sending your dad back to school for a Father’s Day gift, and, lo and behold, parents in Coventry have already had a pop at it. Going back to school to learn to cook, that is, not sending your dad to Coventry.

As part of Morrisons M Saver Recipe Challenge program, where you get your recipe card and learn to cook from fresh ingredients from their value for money brand, parents of Coventry’s Park Hill Primary School were invited along to Tile Hill Wood School for not one but two feeding purposes.

First and foremost, the thirty parents who attended the special cookery course were ably abetted by the professional chefs who work with Morrisons to design and implement the range of meals and ingredients on offer as part of the scheme. With their whites on, the parents were given a reminder of the importance of getting as much nutrition from fresh ingredients into their children and, by opting for the M Saver range, it need not stretch the budget.

The other reasoning behind hosting the cookery class at the Tile Hill Wood venue is because the primary school from whence the parents came acts as the feeder school for the secondary school and language college, in turn, working in partnership with Coventry University. By opening up their kitchens, staff believed it was an unmissable opportunity to show the parents the facilities that will be availed to their offspring when the time comes to graduate up the educational ladder.

With professional and celebrity chefs getting more and more involved with what children eat whilst they’re at school, opportunities like this are essential to ensure that the work that goes on behind the scenes at education level are not wasted by the kids being fed an unhealthy diet once they get home.

By emphasising that cooking fresh needn’t cost the earth, in more ways than one, it is hoped that by ingraining the message into the parents, their children will pick up good habits to help bring down disease and obesity rife in the modernised world, today. If this is important to you, check out our cookery courses page and simply choose the class from our hand-picked selection of cookery schools that suits your needs best.

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