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Don’t lose your head at this Paris cookery course

The cookery course will be fun, although the state of the art kitchens in which you’ll be taking the class will bring out the very best from that latent chef

Today, we’re off around the world again with our cookery course offering; nowhere as exotic as the Blue Elephant in Thailand or as far off to discover our own heritage as Ontario. Instead, we look at a romantic cookery class for two, staged where passion beats strongest, in the heart of Paris.

And if booking a cookery course for two isn’t sweet enough a treat, then the sugar levels will genuinely rise when you tuck into your creations as this particular lesson in gourmet is all about desserts.

No nation quite does pastries like the French and what better place to learn this particular aspect of baking than at the Just Desserts cookery class under the expert tutelage of the company’s own gourmet chefs in their native home town. Drawing upon local recipes, traditional fare of every French menu since well before Marie Antoinette infamously advised the peasants to eat cake when the bread ran out prior to the French Revolution, the chefs will learn you to cook desserts like no one else, no matter what your existing level of culinary expertise.

The cookery course is designed to be fun, although the state of the art kitchens in which you’ll be taking the class will bring out the very best from that latent chef, lying dormant, just waiting to burst forth on such an impressive stage. Even the names of two of the desserts, Galettes des Rois et layered chocolat praline avec parfait cashew, will ignite the spark of culinary excellence that you are guaranteed to achieve under the gourmet’s watchful attendance.

And it doesn’t end there! Following your punt at pudding prowess, carrying on la chocolat theme, there is a hour and a half traverse across the French capital to take in visits to la chocolatier of your choosing or, if you’re mindful of too much cocoa finding its way to your hips, divert to la Boutique Macaron, instead.

The cookery classes cater for five year olds upwards and can hold up to a maximum of sixty budding chefs at a time, but the trip afterwards is all about the two of you and bookable for a maximum of two persons at a time. You will be picked up and returned to Metro Cadet (ligne 7) and there are choices of dates all through the year.

Full details are on the website, including prices, available timetables and a map of Paris so that you can plan your stay around this fabulous trip of a lifetime cookery course.

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