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Blue Elephant cookery course Far East or online

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling in either Bangkok or Phuket, you can visit the esteemed cookery courses of Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant

Wherever you are in the world, it seems that there’s a Blue Elephant Thai restaurant – well, in eleven cities in Bangkok or Phuket, London or Bahrain and seven other major cities in Europe and the Middle East, anyway. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling in either of the Thai cities, however, you can visit their esteemed cookery courses which invite you to either stand back and watch as the renowned chefs work their magic with local hebs and spices or dive in and give them a hand.

Chef Nooror, based in the Phuket eatery, has been recognised as one of Thailand’s most 65 influential people, thanks to her culinary expertise promoting Thai cooking to the world and infusing lessons she’s learnt from her globetrotting days into her own home-grown platters she learnt as a child growing up in Thailand.

It matters not at what level your cookery skills currently reside. Whether you are a fully-fledged cook or absolute beginner, you’ll be welcomed with open arms to learn the many aspects (and many courses) that make up a typical Thai menu. If you are in Asia ‘on business’ with the express intent of picking up Thai cooking tips to enhance your career and skill-level for use back at home in the UK you can arrange a private cookery course under the direct supervision of the top chefs from that branch of the chain.

Whether you are going for the 5-day professional induction or just walking in through the doors as a tourist looking to get to know the basics of Thai cooking you will not only leave with endearing memories but an ancient knowledge in food preparation that is passed down through these excellent cookery courses. Oh, and you mustn’t overlook the cooking set, commemorative apron and Blue Elephant Thai cookery course certificate that you get once you complete the class, of course.

The cookery classes, like many in the Far East, run either as a morning or afternoon/tea-time affair, giving you time to learn, prepare and cook your meals and then eat them for your lunch or tea. The Blue Elephant cookery course in Bangkok runs its classes similarly, but there are advantages for making the 8.45am morning class over the afternoon cooking lesson, which kicks off at 1.30pm.

The added extra for making the morning cooking class here is that you actually go along to the markets to choose the herbs, spices and vegetables that you and the afternoon session will use for your tutelage, travelling to and fro on the skytrain.

The cookery classes for the tourist run every day for the morning session and Monday to Saturday for the evening sessions. The menu for each is so varied, you could go every day and learn to cook something new, with each tourist session covering four courses in its own rite.

The professional 5-day courses are subject to the availabilities of the professional chefs but, with the combinations of numbers of courses and discounts for multiple cooking classes that are on offer to the tourist, as a passing curious chef there is plenty you can bring back home to impress your family and friends.

If you cannot make it all the way out to Bangkok or Phuket to partake in the classes, there are simple recipes downloadable from the site and you can always nip into the London outlet to see if the chefs cooking there is as good as you can cook at home.

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