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Why we should all take a Leith out of Prue’s book

If Oliver Peyton’s assessment is felt to be not entirely accurate, there are few more qualified than Prue to call it into judgement – what a career she’s had!

Cookery school team with Selfridges in un-shellfish display

Fishing from sustainable sources is a key world environmental issue, with one report stating that by 2050 we will have depleted 90% of the ocean’s edible fish.

US, The Med and two vegetarian – cookery courses, London

As more people choose meat-free, Leith’s of London are throwing two cookery courses next month to celebrate vegetarian cooking from either side of the Atlantic.

Raw talent required for sushi cooking course in London

It’s not very often one has to learn how to cook food that is served raw, but the Japanese have made an art form of serving sushi, and we can’t get enough of it

Learn how to cook bread – a right pain

Leith’s School of Food & Wine, London, are offering a one-off cookery class this summer to learn how to cook bread in different styles from the continent