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Out with the lentils – vegetarian cookery schools go gourmet

Let’s get one thing totally clear: the vegetarian diet is no longer a bowl of lentil soup with a few herbs dashed in; it has gone Gourmet.

Edinburgh’s hidden cookery school gem

So if you fancy learning to cook in an estate that boasts 700 years of fine dining history Coulston Cookery School seems to have it all wrapped up.

New Italian restaurant and cookery course opens in Edinburgh

The restaurant Locanda De Gusti is already starting to grow a reputation, not just for its cookery courses, but also for its every day fare and fine wines.

Forget out-door team-building – go cooking!

Next time you catch wind of a team-building day wafting through the ivory towers, pre-empt the bosses; you can now book cooking classes for your corporate event