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Give me ten good reasons to visit South Africa (hic!)

Twenty years since democracy was born have seen the country’s wine production increase thirteen-fold from 30 million litres in ’92 to nigh on 400 million today.

Just desserts for those brave enough to enter dessert competition

The competition is not just about raising a classic dessert from scratch, but also to show hospitality what it’s missing as 80% of menus do not cater for pudding.

Waitrose cookery courses using only the freshest ingredients

We all know Tesco or Asda or, for a little something extra special, Sainsburys or even Marks and Sparks, all of whom have pre-prepared meals to suit every mood.

Muck in with Maunika at an Indian cookery class Bombay-style

Food writer and self-styled Indian cookery chef Maunika Gowardhan is taking her culinary expertise offline and wrapping it all up in a cookery course in London.

New Italian restaurant and cookery course opens in Edinburgh

The restaurant Locanda De Gusti is already starting to grow a reputation, not just for its cookery courses, but also for its every day fare and fine wines.

US, The Med and two vegetarian – cookery courses, London

As more people choose meat-free, Leith’s of London are throwing two cookery courses next month to celebrate vegetarian cooking from either side of the Atlantic.

French Indian fusion cookery course for final Friday frolics

Q. What do you get when you cross French Creole cuisine with the aromatic herbs, spices and tradition of southern Indian cooking? A. Chef Mehernosh Mody

Cookery class in the heart of curry-land – Birmingham

The Spice Trade Cookery School can cater for groups and the growing trend of corporate team-building cookery courses that are taking over from outdoor pursuits

Thermomix cookery demo at Middleton Cheney

Would-be Thermomix magicians – a cookery course is on the horizon that will have you whipping out your wand to amaze and impress both you and your friends

How to use what you learn at cookery courses

Sure, it’s great cooking for dinner parties and receiving the plaudits, but don’t you ever think that there could be financial gain for this culinary prowess?