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Foods that are naturally healthy for body, mind and soul

I’m not talking processed ready meals that fit nicely into a points program – if that’s your idea of healthy eating, me and you need to have a little chat.

Low GL diet will leave you feeling Grrreat about yourself

Whether you agree with a vegetarian lifestyle or not there are benefits you can take from a plethora of plant-like ingredients that other menus don’t offer.

So why is iron essential to one’s diet?

The Meat Advisory Panel believe we’re lacking in our haem iron intake, key in the formation of haemoglobin, used to transport oxygen around the blood stream

Iron deficiency rife amongst women of child bearing age

You’re thinking “What on earth is this bloke on? We’re doing cookery courses!” Bear with me – bit more science, then we’re into the cookery bit, promise.

Why we should all take a Leith out of Prue’s book

If Oliver Peyton’s assessment is felt to be not entirely accurate, there are few more qualified than Prue to call it into judgement – what a career she’s had!

Celebrate National Cupcake week – 17th-23rd September

If cupcakes were a football player for Team Cooking, Manchester City or Chelsea would be vying to pay them £250k week for the potential ROI they have.

I’m not joshin’ – Rogan gets top marks from Good Food Guide

The secret of Rogan’s success is his deep faith in Cumbrian produce, even leasing a local farm to reproduce local ingredients to a consistent quality.

Indian cooking and the spice of life

The next time you’re sitting down with your Biryani, unknown on home shores sixty years ago, just think of the journey that dish has had to get onto your plate.

Katy Perry tweets to fans she’s taking up a cookery course

Perhaps if more celebrity icons got involved publicly with learning how to cook healthy and nutritious food, then more of our youngsters would follow suit.

Is YouTube the future of adolescent cookery classes?

Ben Ebbrell, of the sortedfood team, has positioned himself online as the go-to chef for all of those students who need to know how to cook at university.