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Low GL diet will leave you feeling Grrreat about yourself

Whether you agree with a vegetarian lifestyle or not there are benefits you can take from a plethora of plant-like ingredients that other menus don’t offer.

A different type of degree set to hit ovens in Cambridge

The cookery classes will tackle the basics of cuisine competence, from where to shop to buy elementary ingredients to finding their way around the kitchen.

The make up of your average cookery course student

So there you have it – a diverse cross section of the UK public enjoys the camaraderie and the satisfaction of partaking in cookery classes with no inhibitions.

Unhealthy diets cost the NHS £12bn every year

A recent study has identified that poor diets cost the NHS almost twice as much as the combined effect of alcohol and cigarettes.

Simple diet changes can help stave off cancer

Recent research into the effects of diets on cancer sufferers have thrown up some extremely interesting results

Vegetarian cookery course in aid of Sunni Mae Trust, Galway

The trust was launched officially only last Friday (6th July) following a performance of Alice Underground by Youth Ballet West at the Galway Town Hall.

A recipe for success on

Recipes give you the prep time, ingredients and method, but not a lot about what good the meal does you. That’s what we hope to change on

Food Recycling will grow by teaching others better values

The key is to get people to eat more wisely and have a very real appreciation of why it has both planet-friendly values and delivers a more nutritious diet.

Cookery courses + FoodCycle = oh, c’mon, keep up…

Of its sixty-million plus population, 4,000,000 – almost 7% – are affected by food poverty in this country. For a ‘civilised society’, that’s plain ridiculous.

Kenwood offering 12 ‘disaster’ chefs online cookery tuition

Each of the baking dozen will receive a Kenwood Chef Titanium food mixer, online cookery classes and a hamper of ingredients delivered to their door every week.