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UK seeks comfort In biscuits

Biscuit sales have increased by more than 20% in the last 5 years according to a new study by market analysis firm Mintel.

Where do chefs go to learn to cook? To the pub, of course!

In the drive for the hospitality trade to set out its stall as a genuine opportunity for careers, Chef School has got to be one of the better courses out there.

Eating fresh needn’t cost the earth with M value range

By emphasising that cooking fresh needn’t cost the earth, it is hoped that, by ingraining the message into the parents, children will pick up good habits, too.

Yorkshire cookery school wins tourism award

A Yorkshire farm that opened a new cookery school just 12 months ago has been awarded the Most Remarkable Newcomer at the East Yorkshire Tourism Awards.

Le Gavroche – still the hippest eatery in London 45 years on

At its head still are la famille Roux, whom many would argue were amongst those who started London’s turn around and entry onto the global map of haute cuisine.

Cooking Courses Help Young People Reduce Waste

A new initiative featuring cookery courses has been launched in Loughborough to teach young people to cook great dishes using leftover food. Sausage risotto, spaghetti bolognaise and pizzas are just a few of the meals that have been prepared by members of DC’s Youth Club as part of the project.

New Italian restaurant and cookery course opens in Edinburgh

The restaurant Locanda De Gusti is already starting to grow a reputation, not just for its cookery courses, but also for its every day fare and fine wines.

Cookery Courses: The Perfect Boiled Egg

If you want to learn how to cook the perfect boiled egg then you’re going to want to read this article. Specifically we will discuss the tools you will need, the eggs themselves and the cooking method.

Mõvenpick ice cream competition – chefs required

The two new flavours being promoted alongside the ice cream cookery competition are Fior di Latte and Apricot Sorbet, the latest Mõvenpick goût en vogue

Don’t lose your head at this Paris cookery course

The cookery course will be fun, although the state of the art kitchens in which you’ll be taking the class will bring out the very best from that latent chef