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Don’t want to be labelled obese? Obey the labels!

Women who don’t read food labels are an average 9lbs heavier than their content-querying counterparts. That’s like half a stone and then some!

Katy Perry tweets to fans she’s taking up a cookery course

Perhaps if more celebrity icons got involved publicly with learning how to cook healthy and nutritious food, then more of our youngsters would follow suit.

Is YouTube the future of adolescent cookery classes?

Ben Ebbrell, of the sortedfood team, has positioned himself online as the go-to chef for all of those students who need to know how to cook at university.

Celebrate National Cherry Day with a summer fruit crumble

For sweetness, this dish uses natural sugars within the fruits, fibre in the oats, protein in the hazelnuts & Chia seeds contain more omega-3 per gm than salmon.

The first recipe on cookery courses – pasta n peppers

I’m sure half of these online food stores print recipes that incorporate exotic ingredients just so that people will buy more of their range; there’s no need.

A cookery class involving Hens, Hen Parties, that is

Spa Days, Cocktail Making and even belly-dancing I can get to grips with, but a Cookery Class for a Hen Party? Busman’s holiday? Maybe once, but not today!

Kickin’ cookery courses happening in Brighton and Hove

The four pupils who shone in the cookery classes were invited backstage to the kickin’ catering canteen of FatBoy Slim’s roadies and crew by Dan Stockland.

Spice up Father’s Day with a cookery course

Why not push the boat out with a little something different for Father’s Day this year by sending you dad back to school? Cookery school, that is!

Infants and parents keen on cookery classes at Norfolk school

Wednesday mornings at Costeesey have not been the same since, in 2008, the school accepted Lottery funding as part of the “Let’s Get Cooking” project.

Marco Pierre White sets out on Knorr-tical world cruise

Marco’s trip will serve a dual purpose: promoting Knorr stock cubes and unveiling the brand new Chefmanship Centre, brought to us by Unilever Food Solutions.